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Jerry Lawler says Edge-Randy Orton match at WrestleMania went too long

Jerry “The King” Lawler reviewed some of the WrestleMania matches during his latest podcast.

The Last Man Standing Match between Edge and Randy Orton was one of the most talked about matches of the weekend with many fans loving it while others felt that they went too long. Lawler agrees with the people who say the match went too long and feels that they could have achieved the same result without going 30+ minutes.

“In my opinion, it went too long,” Lawler said.

Lawler’s co-host Sean Reedy noted how the match was very divisive among fans on social media with some feeling it was gritty but others did not like it.

Lawler added, “I liked the match but sometimes less is more. I think you almost gave them everything you could ever give them between those two guys in that match. Of course, I understand too, it was a Last Man Standing Match so it shouldn’t be something that these guys could just go out there in a matter of a few minutes they’ve taken enough out of their opponent that he can’t get back to his feet. I can understand why that would take a lot longer and there was something about the commentary during that match. Byron and Tom, I don’t know, it just seemed like it got a little quiet there some kind of way.”

Reedy said that it seemed like they were trying to put over the brutality of the match by keeping the commentators mostly silent but he pointed out that at times the match sounded like a golf tournament.

Earlier in the show, Lawler gave his thoughts on the Boneyard Match and he explained how Sting vs. Undertaker can still happen. Click here for more on that story.

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