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Jerry Lawler says Howard Finkel is in really bad health



A few weeks ago I broke the news about Howard Finkel's health. I noted that Finkel no longer travels and he has lost a great deal of weight. A friend of his told us that he was having serious health issues but we don't know any more details other than he has slowed down in the past year or so.

On the recent "Dinner With The King" podcast, Jerry Lawler confirmed what we reported about Finkel. He didn't give many details but he said, "I just heard not long ago that Howard [Finkel] is in really, really bad health." He added, "Not good at all. He may have had a stroke. I'm not sure but I just know that he's not doing well."

Finkel was one of the names advertised for the Raw 25th anniversary show. He wasn't able to make it but a recording of his voice was used to introduce The Undertaker at the Manhattan Center.

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Finkel is WWE's longest-tenured employee. He was hired by Vince McMahon, Sr. and has been working for the company since 1975. He was phased off WWE television in the early 2000's but has remained as one of the office workers at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT.

We send our best wishes to Finkel.

Thanks to Aaron Varble at Wrestling Inc for the quotes.