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Jerry Lawler talks about his announcing style, his upcoming DVD and more

Jerry Lawler joined the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show this past Wednesday to promote his appearance Saturday Night at MCW’s Xtreme Measures in Waldorf, MD and his upcoming DVD that will be released soon. Here are the highlights.

On WrestleMania 31:

“I’m gonna be perfectly honest with you, every year that we do WrestleManias I ask myself when it’s over, ‘Gosh how are they gonna top that’ and somehow every year they do.  Going into this year’s WrestleMania, on paper I was just thinking ‘This may not be the greatest WrestleMania I’ve ever seen. It’s gonna be good but just maybe not great.’ I’m gonna tell you it turned out to surpass expectations in my mind. To me it was the best WrestleMania that I can remember.”

On his announcing style:

“What I like to try to do is put myself in of position of I’ve got the best seat in the house watching a wrestling show with my next door neighbor or a good friend of mine, and just saying whatever comes into my mind as I’m watching the show. That’s the way I’ve always approached my color commentary, as a wrestling fan not as a wrestler.”

On his upcoming DVD:

“One of the cool things I’m really happy about this, the 6 hours of matches consists of a lot of our old Memphis footage. Some of the matches that were big down here in Memphis, that people down here at the time, when there was no nationwide TV or satellite TV or cable TV, only the people in the Mid-South got exposed to our matches here. So now this is going to be the first opportunity for a lot of people to see some great Memphis wrestling that they may have heard about over the years but we were real proud of down here.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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