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Jerry Lawler Talks ‘American Badass’ Elements of Undertaker Returning

WWE RAW commentator Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler recently discussed the ongoing storyline between The Undertaker and AJ Styles. During the most recent episode of The Jerry Lawler Show, The King would say that the program has “crossed a line,” seemingly with Lawler mixing some kayfabe reasoning in with his assessment.

Is AJ Styles ‘Crossing The Line’ on Undertaker promos?

“I said before. What AJ Styles said about the Undertaker and his wife? Their personal life and all that sort of stuff?” Jerry Lawler began. “I said you know there’s a line. He called it, ‘I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag’ but I call it, you know; crossing the line that that we really shouldn’t cross.”

Jerry Lawler Weighs In…

Lawler would elaborate further, saying “when you, when you talk about somebody’s wife and your personal life and throw in your thoughts about why the Undertaker; saying that the only reason The Undertaker continues to wrestle is that his wife spends so much money that he has to go out to support her spending habits? I mean you know that’s that’s, like I said that’s crossing the line.”

“We didn’t see the working Undertaker, if you know what I mean”

The King would finish by saying that what we saw on Monday wasn’t the ‘working’ Undertaker. But the ‘real, pissed off’ man. “And that’s why I believe that we saw that we saw. We didn’t see the working Undertaker. If you know what I mean. We didn’t see the Undertaker that you would ordinarily see if it was just a regular wrestling promo or something. I thought this was like, this was like the real guy that’s pissed off.”


If you use any of the quotes from this article credit Jerry Lawler/The Jerry Lawler Show with a h/t to WrestlingNews for the transcription.


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