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Jerry Lawler talks not knowing where WWE Money In The Bank PPV will be filmed

WWE Money In The Bank 2020

RAW Commentator Jerry 'The King' Lawler recently discussed the upcoming Money In The Bank PPV that WWE have already been pre-taping. The King would specifically mention the 'corporate ladder' versions of the MITB matches themselves, saying how he is unsure how the actual bouts will be filmed. From what Lawler said on The Jerry Lawler Show, it appears that WWE are having to make changes to the format of tapings on an almost hourly basis.

"Those crazy matches at WrestleMania, The Boneyard match especially, were so well received" Lawler began on the podcast. "I have a feeling that this is going to be...this Money in the Bank match is going to be maybe filmed in that same way."

Lawler would elaborate further, saying "I don't even know what you would call that style that the Boneyard match was, you know? I think when the fans are watching it's almost going to appear like a movie, so to speak. That's what I've heard [from WWE management]. But once again, things change on such a daily basis, so really I don't know [how it will be filmed]."

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The King would then discuss the full event itself, saying how he was unsure where and how the PPV would be filmed. "I don't know exactly if all of the matches are going to be at the [WWE] headquarters. Or, if part of them are going to be at the headquarters and part at the Performance Center. It's just one of those deals, you never know when everything changes in the WWE. [It's] not just on a daily basis, but from hour to hour. So they really haven't told, at least they haven't told me, or the announcers yet, where we're going to be right now. I haven't been told yet if we're we're going to have to be Stanford [at the heaadquarters] or Florida."

It will be interesting to see how WWE's presentation of the event pans out. With the MITB matches confirmed for the corporate headquarters, there's a chance that we could see all of the matches hosted on the roof of the building. Potentially one of the two MITB matches could start the show, with the rest of the matches taking place on the card following.

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