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Jerry Lawler talks Vince McMahon being ‘concerned’ about his health during pandemic

RAW commentator Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler recently discussed WrestleMania 36 on his podcast, The Jerry Lawler show. ‘The King’ would talk about how this is the first WrestleMania in a number of years that he has not appeared on. It turns out that this would be down to Vince McMahon, who made the call to keep Lawler at home due to the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

“this WrestleMania was so different and partly because it had to be”

“Well you know one of the things that made it so unique to me was because I wasn’t involved in any way, shape, form or fashion” Lawler began. “Other than just like the fans out there. I watched every bit of it on TV. And it was a weird feeling for me personally. Because all I’m doing is sitting there thinking ‘damn,’ I’m thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’m not being a part of this.’ I hated it you know? But we had talked about that before, in the fact that everything about this, this WrestleMania was so different and partly because it had to be. Partly because they [WWE] were trying to be extra cautious and and all that sort of stuff. With the coronavirus and all that sort of stuff.”

“just like we’re sitting in a regular announce desk…”

Lawler would elaborate further, discussing what his schedule was before WrestleMania. “My deal was I went down a few weeks ago to Orlando, to the Performance Center. We did RAW, and it was me and Tom [Phillips] and Byron [Saxton] sitting there; just like we’re sitting in a regular announce desk, and there were there few people involved, not as many as you would have thought. Nowhere even close to as many people, crew, wrestlers and all of that, as would ordinarily be involved with a live Monday Night RAW.”

Lawler would then discuss how it was Vince McMahon who made the call for Lawler to not go in for subsequent RAW tapings. “But you know we taped the RAW and then I was ready to come back the following week. We went down to our condo in Fort Myers, Lauren, Payton, and myself. After that Monday I’m thinking that we’re going to just be able to drive back up to the Performance Center the following Monday. And of course I got the call saying that Vince McMahon was a little concerned. Because then the word was really real strong that this coronavirus is is mostly striking older older individuals or tougher on older individuals. Which of course now they’re saying it’s not that’s not necessarily the case.”

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