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Jesse Ventura comments on potentially running for president in 2016

Jesse Ventura

WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura recently appeared on Ring Rust Radio and during that interview, Ventura commented on potentially running for president in 2016. Here is what he said.

Well, if you look at the situation right now, there is the start of a revolution happening here. You can see it in the Republican Party right now. Their three leaders have never held the office at the any time. You’re watching these two parties disintegrate in their own way before your eyes, which is good. Come next spring time, the pipers will be out and it will be down to two people when the Libertarians name their candidate. They go to the Libertarian convention, name their candidate, then from June to November you will be on the ballot in 47 to 48 states. Then the key would be to get into the debates. You have to be in the debates to have a chance to win. You need to wait in my case, if I am going to do it. I wait until they get down to one or two people so you save money and don’t spin your wheels and waste your time.

You can listen to the interview here:

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