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Jey Uso recalls Vince McMahon originally being against The Usos turning heel in 2016

Jey Uso did an interview with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport to promote his match against Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WWE Clash of Champions.

During the interview, Jey reflected on him and his brother Jimmy pitching a heel turn after being babyfaces their entire WWE careers in 2016 to Vince McMahon.

Jey started out by talking about how the seeds were planted when they were aligned with Reigns on television and fans started to boo the tag team because of the alliance.

“So we finally went to the big man [Vince McMahon] and we said can we do this? And at first he was against it. It took a couple tries from us to convince him and then it was like, hell yeah. ‘You want to go out there with the outfits? This is what you want to do, right?’ We were like ‘yup, it’s time.’

Then it’s like ‘Ok, the balls in your court.’ So we’re either going to hit it on the head, uce, or we’re in the back. We’re going to drown if this don’t work! And then they wanted us to keep the face paint with the heel turn. And we didn’t want that. There was no way.”

Jey stated that they knew if they were going to turn then they had to change their look and go from bright colors to black and white.

Regarding their promos, they knew if WWE would give them time then they knew how they would talk and what to do to separate themselves from the other tag teams. He thinks that is what got them over.

“The second week, we had a live microphone coming through the crowd against American Alpha. They had just had a match and we came through the crowd and just cut this fire on them. We blew flames on them, uce [laughs]. Then when we came back to gorilla they were like ‘yo!’ I remember John Cena was back there and he said ‘Yo, I didn’t know you guys could do that. Do it again!’ Yeah, that’s easy! Boom.”

He stated that they take pride in the rap battles with New Day and The Bar.

“Our promo game and for any wrestler listening or reading this, that’s what will set you apart.”

Jey also talked about working with The New Day, history with Roman Reigns, and more. Check out the full interview here. 

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