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Jim Cornette and Brian Last react to Tommy Dreamer’s comments on Dark Side of the Ring

On the latest episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette and Brian Last gave their thoughts on Tommy Dreamer’s comments on Dark Side of the Ring that got Dreamer in hot water and led to his indefinite suspension from Impact Wrestling.

Cornette said, “It seemed like it was a personal thing with him where he was just, you know, antagonized towards this woman. Maybe she didn’t bring the service cart by and give him peanuts or whatever but he couldn’t have possibly seen her statements on know how well she would come off. They don’t show you the other people’s interviews when you’re talking but the juxtaposition of those was especially bad for Tommy. Here’s this nice woman and then he insinuates that she took a payoff to shut up and she should have prosecuted this horrible person. That was a bad attitude to have, not just flippant but aggressive towards this woman by that point everyone in the viewing audience liked and felt sorry for.”

Brian Last said, “you know I always heard him say something like he wanted to die on camera or die in the ring. Here he died on camera. This was the end of Tommy Dreamer in wrestling. What woman is ever gonna want to work with him on wrestling again with those stupid views he had and the smug way he delivered it. I am so proud that I always called him an idiot on this show. From the very beginning. Always hated him as a wrestler, horrible promo, brain dead behind the scenes and look at these comments here. It’s time for Tommy Dreamer to go away.”

Cornette said he never had issues with Dreamer and thought that he was a level-headed person before his appearance on Dark Side of the Ring.

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You can listen to what Cornette and Last said by clicking below.

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