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Jim Cornette apparently flashed his penis at a live show in Detroit



Jim Cornette is making headlines again but this time it had nothing to do with Santino Marella. The 56-year old was part of Bruce Prichard's live show over the weekend.

Vince Russo's name came up and when he was given a cutout of Russo's head, Cornette then proceeded to lay it on the ground and motion as if he was going to urinate on it. Cornette apparently pulled his pants down a little bit too much and ended up flashing the crowd for a brief second.

The fans had a good time at the show but I think everyone could have done without seeing a different side of Cornette for that brief second. One fan said, "Could have done without seeing Corny’s penis but other than that great show!"

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At that same show in Detroit, Cornette addressed the altercation with Santino Marella:

Cornette retweeted these tweets:

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