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Jim Cornette gets rather extreme in his latest rant about the Joey Ryan and Mick Foley YouPorn Plex controversy

If you thought Jim Cornette had already said enough about the Mick Foley/ Joey Ryan YouPorn Plex that shook the world, then you were wrong. The famous wrestling manager and announcer had even more to say during  The Jim Cornette Experience this week. He was rather unfiltered to say the least.

The should-be WWE Hall Of Famer ranted for about twenty-five minutes on the subject during the end of his popular podcast. But the meat of his argument blamed the diminished value of pro wrestling largely due to antics like this in the ring.

But in true Jim Cornette fashion he took it a little bit too far (depending on your definition of where “the line” is). While some people might be mortified by what Cornette said and loved the Joey Ryan spot there are probably more than a few people who see it the other way around.

Jim spoke to the members of his Cult Of Cornette quite frankly when discussing his continued displeasure of Mick Foley’s most recent bump in Dublin, Ireland.

“I’m not gonna say the one guys’ name… but the guy who does spots with his d-ck,” Corney said. “The guy that flips people around with his d-ck… that tiresome little midget sleazy f-ck. Over the weekend, and of course my Twitter got flooded with it, both from people expressing outrage and from people trying to lighten me up like ‘hey Cornette, look at this!’ For the first time that I’m aware of a legitimate star, and I know a bunch of these f-cking modern guys that were outlaws two years ago in front of 50 people in a barn have done it, but I’m talking about a legitimate star world-class box office attraction has taken the d-ck flip… and it was Mick Foley.”

“And that actually started my Sunday off to a bad start” Cornette said as he tried to contain his grief. Cornette read a few emails he had received from fans who had differing opinions about Mick Foley taking the YouPorn Plex. One letter was from a former pro wrestler who Corney withheld the name of who said this kind of spot is the reason why he’s not in the business anymore.

“When a star lends their credibility to some outlaw bullsh-t just because some big markets can get 1,000 or 1,500 people somewhere where mostly guys of a certain age group that like to laugh at all these guys doing this sh-t. That’s the way they view wrestling as something — and they say ‘oh my god I’ve gone over the fun and entertainment and express their art a million times,’ and I would like to disembowel the wrestlers who say I should be allowed to express my art anyway that [they] chose. I would like to disembowel them and string their entrails up and learn to f-cking crochet to make a quilt with them.”

“It’s disgusting and it’s disrespectful and it is exactly what that letter from a wrestler and many wrestlers probably articulate those views in different ways but they feel them” Cornette continued. “And because guys who have limited talent and ability whether through size or looks or athleticism or whatever to get over are allowed to do horsesh-t like this that everybody gets a kick out of and they wonder why when I gave those facts and figures last week that the wrestlers have devalued themselves so much while other sports and other celebrities, other everything [make more money].”

Jim brought up the fact how wrestlers today make less than they did even sixty years ago (adjusted for inflation). He said a lot of this might be due to the fact that nobody takes pro wrestling seriously anymore becuase of spots like this. So as expected, Jim Cornette still isn’t a Joey Ryan fan.

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If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit The Jim Cornette Experience with a H/T to for the transcription


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