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Jim Cornette goes on epic rant, offers to meet Vince Russo face to face – “what happens, happens”

On this week’s episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette addressed some of Vince Russo’s recent comments about him. Apparently, Russo was not happy about what Cornette and Eric Bischoff said about him on Table For 3.

Last week, Cornette mentioned that Russo constantly emails Vince McMahon asking for a job. Apparently, Russo called out Cornette and dared him to say things to his face and invited him to go on his podcast. Russo also offered to go on Cornette’s podcast to debate him and offered to raise money for charity. Cornette called him “desperate” and a “failure in life” that can’t get hired by a reputable promotion.

Cornette did not take the bait and has ignored Russo’s rant until now. He said, “I’ve got an offer for you Vince Russo and I want all of your little stooges to listen real close.” He continued, “You say you wanna meet me face to face and you want me to say all these things to you in person instead of behind your back. Well we ain’t gonna do it on a podcast [and] we aren’t gonna have a debate. You send me a date and a time and an address.”

Cornette continued, “I’ll come to you. You don’t have to come to me because I know you don’t have the money for gas, Vince.” Cornette continued to rip on Russo and said that he hasn’t had a job in years and his wife is probably ready to divorce him. Cornette offered to meet somewhere like a public park or somewhere open where there won’t be may people to intervene. He said, “here’s the rules – no cops, no guns, and no knives and we both come alone and what happens, happens. Nobody makes a dime off of it [and] nobody gets any publicly off of it [and] nobody’s even gonna know that it’s gonna happen until after it happens when nobody hears from you anymore.”

The quotes above do not do this justice so I would suggest that you listen to everything Cornette says. Cornette goes off on Russo in the video below and you can subscribe to The Jim Cornette Experience on iTunes by clicking here.

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