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Jim Cornette – “Lio Rush is a f*cking mental case”

Former WWE on-air star and producer Jim Cornette recently weighed in on the ongoing situation between Lio Rush and Mark Henry. Cornette was a longtime colleague of Henry’s during his time with WWE, and as you can probably guess from the headline of this article he is siding with the World’s Strongest Man.

“Lio Rush is a f*cking mental case” Cornette began on this week’s episode of the Drive Thru podcast. “I’ve been saying that since they [WWE] signed him first right? Remember he’s the one that took the f*cking powerbomb off the roof or something in some garbage wrestling show in New Jersey. That was his farewell [before going to WWE] and he no sold it so he could pop up and take a bow. So he’s always been a f*cking idiot.”

Cornette would then actually praise Lio Rush, saying how he could’ve been a big star if he continued to be used as a manager. Rush was previously used as a manager for Bobby Lashley and he started to garner a lot of television time with WWE. “A million dollar talent if they’d have made him an a**hole manager that you wanted to f*cking see…you would pay to see him get the sh*t kicked out of him. But, he wants to be a f*cking wrestling superstar at five two and 140 pounds.”

Cornette elaborated further, saying “obviously a f*cking screw loose because he’s always f*cking torpedoing his own self. Because nobody gives a sh*t whether he’s around or not when he’s running his mouth. I can run my mouth because I’m here at home and I don’t give a sh*t whether I go anywhere, but him? He still wants a f*cking job allegedly.”

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