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On the latest episode of the "Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru" podcast, Cornette and Brian Last discussed last week's SmackDown where Sami Zayn got The Bloodline to break character when he said Jey Uso was not feeling "Ucey."

"Oh, I've been feeling Ucey," Cornette said. "Let me tell you something. I never thought that I would say this. But I think now Sami Zayn is my favorite person to watch on television. El Generico certainly wasn't but Sami Zayn is incredible. And this whole thing with The Bloodline and The Usos and Ucees."

Connette continued, "Sami Zayn is brilliant. If somebody had written this for him, it wouldn't have been the same. He delivers it so well because he's taking the story. He's taking the content that they're giving him. He's turned it into his own weasel-ish delivery. And he's such a convincing toadying, stoogy, flunky type of disingenuous. I mean, all the adjectives and nouns and verbs and adverbs you can come up with. He's great. And you can tell he's a weasel but he's such an entertaining weasel that he's becoming the biggest babyface in the business."

Cornette also praised Roman Reigns, specifically the part of the segment where he pulled Jey back in as Jey was trying to turn around so he could hide his face. Cornette said, "And then finally at one point, Roman puts his arm around him and said, Now look if you can't find your inner Ucey again (laughs). Jey tries to turn away from the camera. He puts his hand over his face. And Roman said no, no, come on back here. Come on back here. When he's doing that, Roman sounds like The Rock talking to him. He has that. Not even the same kind of tone in his voice but same kind of inflection or delivery or whatever what I'm trying to say. But anyway, Roman says if you can't find your inner Ucey again, we're going to make Sami Zayn a full blown Uso and then Sami Uso. And the people start chanting, and f**ng Jey is dying. What a segment. You can tell they've all worked on this together because it's not just the writers giving them sh*t. They're all in on it. They're working together with it, they're coming up with some good sh*t. And people want to know what's going to happen next. And sooner or later. Sami Zayn will be a huge babyface and potentially even in a main event against Roman Reigns in some shape or form. But that was a heck of a segment."

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