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Jim Cornette says that WWE have ‘buried’ AJ Styles in more ways than one

Former WWE announcer/manager Jim Cornette has recently commented on WrestleMania 36 which took place this past weekend. Cornette remarked on the Boneyard Match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker in particular. That ’bout’ took place on Night 1 of WrestleMania 36, and whilst Cornette did not appear to hate the ‘match,’ he did mention that it wasn’t pro wrestling.

“This is I’m afraid to say Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn’s ultimate dream of what wrestling can be” Cornette began. “And you know Mark [Calloway – The Undertaker] should be a movie star. I don’t know that’s maybe why he did this. Because he’s not going to wrestle anymore? But he can do this for a while yet and look good doing it. He got paid a large sum of money to have a Hollywood f*cking audition for being a new action star.”

Cornette would then praise The Undertaker for his performance during the filmed segment, although he did call the setting ‘bullsh*t.’ “He [Undertaker] believed his sh*t when he was talking to AJ. That was, of course, you knew it was all bullsh*t because the setting. Which made it even f*cking worse. That hurt my feelings even more that he’s saying this sh*t with such feeling and f*cking creepy animosity. And because of the setting you knew it was all bullsh*t.”

AJ Styles would end up losing the bout, being ‘buried alive’ by The Undertaker. And Cornette claims that this isn’t the only way that AJ has been ‘buried’ by WWE. “AJ [saying] ‘don’t bury me bro, don’t bury me.’ They already have AJ.”

Currently, it is unknown what WWE will be planning for AJ Styles or The Undertaker going forward. It was recently rumored that however Undertaker returns he will be portraying the ‘American Badass’ character once again. This year’s Survivor Series event will mark the 30th anniversary of ‘Taker’s debut, so it is likely he will appear in some capacity.

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