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Jim Cornette shoots down Jonathan Coachman's "complete lie" about Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Jim Cornette Jonathan Coachman

Jonathan Coachman's comments about the Wrestling Observer drew some criticism on Twitter. It wasn't because he was refuting Bryan Alvarez' opinion about Coach being the "worst wrestling announcer" ever but because Coach decided that he would throw in the line about "no one in the actual business talks to the observer."

It was a ridiculous thing to say since you can go back and dig up hundreds of interviews that Dave Meltzer has conducted for bio's and his radio shows. Furthermore, many wrestlers have admitted to being subscribers of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Jim Cornette is one of them.

Cornette chimed in with this on Twitter: "Wrestling lesson #101: When you say something that is not only a complete lie, but is verifiable easily as such, AND unnecessary to tell, it kills your credibility for when you want to work people and make them believe you. Example below:"

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Several fans on Twitter were quick to point out to Coach that plenty of wrestlers have openly discussed talking to Dave Meltzer. Furthermore, Meltzer is regularly on the NXT Takeover conference calls and seems to be on good terms with Triple H.