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Jim Cornette talks unique ‘Corporate Ladder’ version of Money In The Bank match

WWE will soon be hosting their Money In The Bank PPV. For this year’s iteration, the company has had to be creative with the concept for the actual MITB match itself. WWE Superstars will be fighting to the top of Titan Towers to grab the briefcase on the roof of the building.

Former WWE on-air personality Jim Cornette recently discussed the concept on the latest episode of his Drive Thru podcast. “Do you think they planned this when they thought they were moving to new headquarters!?” Cornette began. “And they [WWE] were like, ‘okay, we’ll just tear the old one up.’ You know this is a recent idea but you think…Holy f*ck.”

Cornette would elaborate further, saying how Vince McMahon loves ‘concepts’ for matches. ‘”It’s one of those things where they have the money and they have the budget and they have the contacts. To have things built that looks like real walls that they can go through or do the special effects. Same thing with the Boneyard match, they have the budget, and the wherewithal where they can do all kinds of wild sh*t with a concept like that. That’s what Vince likes, his concepts, and somebody said ‘what if we just have everybody started the ground floor they’ve got to fight to the roof?’ And then whatever’s on the roof they probably got to go up the f*cking flagpole!? Who knows.”

Cornette would finish by lambasting the writers for coming up with the wild concept, saying that they do not care for the ‘integrity’ of professional wrestling. “The writers have no wrestling background and they don’t give a f*ck about the integrity of anything related to a wrestling match. So now they’re getting the opportunity to f*cking do these cinematic Mini Movie things and that’s going to look great on their resume when they want to get a job elsewhere.”

It has not been confirmed if the MITB matches this year will have that ‘cinematic’ feel to them, akin to the Boneyard Match and the Firefly Fun House from WrestleMania. Both of those matches received praise but also a fair amount of negativity from some fans. So it will be interesting to see how the company handles the unique match.

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