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Jim Cornette unleashes on controversial pro wrestling subject

The pro wrestling business has featured plenty of intergender matches throughout its history but the idea is very much taboo in a lot of the pro wrestling community, especially in WWE (even though they’ve done it plenty of times before).

Jim Cornette is a pro wrestling purist and his possible affiliation with WWE could be growing once again in time. But it’s important to take baby steps in that regard. However, Jim popping up on a few WWE Network shows is always a good sign.

One fan tweeted at Corny saying, “Wrestling isn’t real. Punches don’t actually hurt. It’s just a performance. The women are 100% consenting and willing partners in the act.”

This caused the should-be WWE Hall Of Famer to reply with his usual opinion on the subject and since it was early in the morning Jim Cornette didn’t hold anything back. Cornette said it is a “stupid f-cking idea” to have a man wrestle a woman in any respect regardless of whether they’re okay with taking the bumps.

Cornette has made the point before on his podcasts that men shouldn’t be wrestling women and isn’t shy about voicing his concerns which he has several of. With people like Tessa Blanchard lighting up the indie wrestling scene with intergender matches and James Ellsworth traveling around with a newly reborn Intergender Championship to honor Andy Kaufman, who knows if the idea could eventually be unavoidable in WWE? But it doesn’t sound like Jim Cornette will change his tune anytime soon.

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