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Jim Ross books Dixie Carter for his podcast, talks Vince McMahon disliking "pro wrestling"

Jim Ross confirmed today on Busted Open Radio that he will have Dixie Carter as his guest on his podcast on January 6th. Ross had been trying to get Dixie on the show but had previously declined the invitation.

Ross on Destination America promoting Impact and Dixie Carter on his podcast:

"I think the spirit of the network being very promotional minded is very good for TNA. I think finding the network and finding where they moved, it's always a challenge. I think short term might be challenging, but right out the storm, produce good TV shows, get people talking about them...I think long haul, it's going to be a good move. I don't know what they have to do to make it work with ratings and rights fees, but I will tell you this, I'm going to interview Dixie Carter for my podcast and that podcast is going to drop January 6th! I'm anxious to talk to her and see how she feels...I do think the way the Network is promoting the iMPACT brand is very good and very promising. Now it's just going to be up to TNA not to overthink the roster and out the guys in positions to underscore their strengths and hide their weaknesses. The good thing about this network if you wanted to have a 30 minute match with no commercial breaks, you can probably make it happen."

On Vince McMahon disliking the term "pro wrestling:"

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"I just think he's trying to step away from the negative connotations of pro wrestling that some people have. It doesn't bother me, obviously. I'm proud of pro wrestling, but he wants to separate his brand from pro wrestling and whether we likes it or not, he's hellbent on it. I don't even think he likes the term wrestling....It's his deal, so I choose not to worry about or die on the hills that are unnecessary."

On Dolph Ziggler becoming a main event player:

"I think so. I would not have any issues philosophically whatsoever in positioning Ziggler in a more marketable role in the company. And this is my opinion, but I think he's still young enough, he still seems to be healthy...I know he's got great passion, I know he's a real athlete from his amateur wrestling days, he wants to be the guy...You have to like a guy like that...Ziggler's a player...There has to be consistent usage of him in a creative manner. People understand winning, and for a champion to lose a series of non-title matches, it's still losing...But I think Ziggler is a player."

Ross talked about several topics including why he really wanted to work with Mike Tenay at the January 4th Tokyo Dome show. If you want to listen to the interview with Ross you can check it out on Sirius XM On Demand. Dixie will also be on Busted Open Radio on January 5th.