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Jim Ross comments on Chyna's real-life issue with Trish Stratus and Sable, why he wasn't a fan of Rikishi-Stone Cold angle



This week's episode of "Grilling JR" with Conrad Thompson and Jim Ross covers WWE No Mercy 2000.

This show featured Stone Cold Steve Austin's return after getting hit by a car, Austin seeking revenge on Rikishi, Triple H vs. Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle vs. The Rock, naked Mideon and all of the news from around this time period.

Here are some highlights:

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JR was asked to give his thoughts on Chyna saying Trish Stratus has no talent and no ability and was hired based on her looks and the problem with Rena Mero (Sable) is she thought she was bigger than the business.” Ross said: “She (Chyna) was a loose cannon and unstable at times. I spent a lot of time with her, especially the last year she was there (WWF), trying to negotiate a contract. She felt very strongly that she should be paid as much as Stone Cold. She had a heightened evaluation of her own work. How you can say Trish Stratus had no talent shows you’re misguided on your assumptions and analogies. Trish Stratus was a great star and she worked her ass off to get better. Joanie discredited her own takes by saying something so absurd. I never thought Rena thought she was bigger than the business. Rena was new. I thought Joanie (Chyna) made her opinions look worthless by saying such ridiculous things that just had no semblance of truth or fact. She was jealous. She was uncomfortable. You think we hired Joanie because it had nothing to do with her look? Are you kidding me? She is saying Trish got hired because of her look. Why does she think she got hired? There was professional jealousy. There were social things happening in her personal life she was not happy with, Triple H, etc. She was misguided. I’m not saying that in a mean spirited way, but if you look at the statement and look at all aspects of it, Joanie was way off base.”

Ross gave his take on the Rikishi heel turn when he ran down Steve Austin with a car in 2000: “For some reason, I was never turned on by this angle. I think it has to do with how it was originally started with Steve getting run over. It wreaked of the Eddie Gilbert-Jerry Lawler run down on Memphis TV. It was too similar to me. I wasn’t sure Rikishi, being the great babyface that he was, that we were going to lose his dancing. We were going to lose him putting smiles on people’s faces as Vince would say. I thought that was a stretch. I was never that high on the angle itself for a variety of reasons. It was one the few times that I can tell you that out of all the great things Steve did, and would continue to do, I thought that it didn’t connect for me. It has nothing to do with effort or work rate. It’s just the fact that I thought it may have been miscast to some degree and I never bought into any large degree.”

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