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Jim Ross comments on Kurt Angle’s 2004 promo that referred to Eddie Guerrero as a “former drug addict”

Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson covered WrestleMania XX on the latest episode of Grilling JR. The show is up now at

The show card included Triple H defending against Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Match for the World Championship, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg facing each other on their last night in the company, The Undertaker vs. Kane, Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship, and more.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

Jim Ross talking about Molly Holly vs Victoria hair vs title match:

“They deserved more time.  They deserved more preparation.  They deserved a better presentation.  Both those ladies were stalwarts on our roster.  Victoria was really a workhorse for us and worked very diligently to get better at wrestling because she came in to be one of the Godfather’s hos.  The plan wasn’t for her to have a long pro wrestling career, but she did, and she has.  Molly is just a treasure.  I met Molly in Florida.  Dean Malenko introduced her to me.  Dean was her conduit to get her a meeting.  I was immediately impressed with her character, her attitude, she had a great smile, and she could work.  She was really good working…She was willing to do it (getting her head shaved).  I think somebody was trying to come up with an idea, a different kind of match.  I think the whole angle was rushed.  It could have been a much bigger deal, but, even though she knew she was very deep in the card and they only had a few minutes to tell their story, they did it like a company person would do.  She ran the plays and earned a lot of respect from the company as a result.  Molly Holly could have been there as long as she chose to be there.  That’s how well respected she was.  Never an issue.  Never a problem.  Always professional and she could wrestle.”

Ross gave his opinion on Kurt Angle cutting a promo saying, “Guerrero is a former drug addict who shouldn’t represent SmackDown as the WWE Champion and one day people will be thanking me for being a champion people could be proud of” to build up the Angle vs Guerrero match:

“I understand the heel saying all these outrageous things.  Wrestling villains have been doing it for years and years and years, but, there’s more creative ways to foreshadow Eddie’s dubious character that Kurt was alluding to than the way we did it.  It was a turnoff because what it does is if somebody didn’t know that story, now their mind is taken away from what they’re saying and wonder, ‘What did he do?  What kind of drugs?  When did this happen?  What’s going on?’  I think we could have done a better job of selecting our verbiage for that match because what they were trying to do is to make it personal.  You can make it personal.  Kurt could have said, ‘Do you realize how much of an embarrassment Eddie Guerrero has been for his family?  You know that his daughters are ashamed of him because of his conduct and some of his bad habits?’  Let them fill in the blank.  You go into too much detail and that’s negative s**t.”  I’m not blaming Kurt.  Kurt was given a directive of where to go and an outline of his promo on that topic.  How you get there is going to be up to him and the writer, but the bottom line is, it wasn’t the right path.  I understood the logic.  I understood the destination.  I understood the routing.  Wrong road in my opinion.”

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