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Jim Ross comments on Roman Reigns’ suspension from WWE

As noted, WWE announced on Tuesday that Roman Reigns has been suspended for 30 days effective immediately for his first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on Reigns’ suspension in a new blog on his website. Here is what Ross had to say:

Very disappointed that Roman Reigns has been suspended for 30 days as a result of a failed wellness test in WWE. Hopefully, Reigns took something that he was unaware was a violation. There are lots of supplements on the market that I’m told often times don’t jive with the wellness policy and its up to every talent who may use these supplements to make sure that they are good to ingest.

A failure to do is is totally irresponsible.

Hopefully this is a one off situation that will never occur again for this talent that WWE is relying on to be a prime time player for years to come. How Roman invests his time in the next thirty days will be eye opening because one would hope that the highly regarded young talent will want to come back better than when he left.

No talent can do more to harm themselves than to give their bosses the impression that they are irresponsible or unreliable and wellness test failures speak loudly to that matter. It’s up to the talents to dispel that perception upon their return to the work place.

So, WWE finds themselves now with two of their most popular talents in Ambrose and Rollins who are both adversarial with each other while each and are both generally perceived as fan favorites. This can be a blessing within the story telling as it relates to believable, organic booking because it comes down to it all being about who’s the WWE World Champion and that’s a plausible storyline and easy for fans to process.

Ross also talked about rumors involving Page, Monday’s RAW and more. You can read the entire blog here. Also, Ross will have ProWrestling.NET’s Jason Powell on as his guest on this week’s Ross Report podcast. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.


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