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Jim Ross comments on Vickie Guerrero falling out of favor with WWE because of AEW appearances

Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson dedicated a recent episode of “Grilling JR” to the great Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie has been making appearances on AEW TV as of late and as recently as last week as one of the cheerleaders during Chris Jericho’s Pep Rally. The AEW appearances have apparently not sat well with WWE and this was discussed on the podcast. JR also talked about the reason’s why Vickie and Eddie’s daughter Shaul not making it in WWE.

Here are some highlights:

Jim Ross talking about Vickie’s daughter, Shaul Guerrero (Raquel Diaz):  “I was going down to Florida a lot when she was there.  She was having issues taking a flat back bump.  Not that it is really easy, it isn’t easy…She really had issues executing some of the basic physical things, not out of lack of effort, but it just wasn’t natural.  She didn’t have the great aptitude to be an in ring performer.  Because of her father being one of the greatest of all time, he casted a massive shadow and I think she always felt like she had to do some things like her dad did, have some of that Guerrero mystique and stylings.  I just never thought she was comfortable in the ring.  I will say this, she is a beautiful young woman.  I think she was miscast, so to speak.  She should have been an interviewer or a color analyst or a ring announcer or a studio host, something along those lines.  But getting in the ring and taking the bumps wasn’t her thing and I’m glad, I’m really glad, that she got that out of her head and moved on.  I think she will be happier and healthier in the long run.”

Ross talking about Vickie falling out of favor in WWE because she appeared on an episode of AEW Dark:  “How Mickey Mouse is that sh*t?  You’re going to take her off for being on a YouTube show?  Did she say anything disparaging regarding your brand? Not a damn word.  You got to be sh*tting me.  That’s incredulous to me that we are even talking about that because you would think, that can’t be true Conrad.  Vickie would not have said she had been cut off, whatever that means.  What it meant was it probably she is just not going to get anymore bookings. She probably hasn’t been under contract for quite some time, but it is just childish.  I’m embarrassed to even think about how that was, after all she had gone through with that company.  She delivered the goods for three years.  She was a significant character on television as any new talent that WWE had in a long time.”

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