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Jim Ross explains how Rob Gronkowski can be valuable if used correctly by WWE

It’s well known that New England Patriot football player Rob Gronkowski is a big WWE fan and is friends with WWE star Mojo Rawley. In the past, Gronkowski has stated that he would consider a career in WWE but not in a full-time role. Gronkowski added that his name would be “The Gronk.”

Gronkowski got involved in the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal at WrestleMania 33 to help Rawley win the match.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross talked about Gronkowski potentially making the jump from the NFL to the WWE once his career as a pro football player is over in a recent interview with AOL.

“If I was gambling, I’d gamble on that it’d happen. He’s had a lot of injuries. I don’t see him being a full-time guy, but I can see him, if he’s trained correctly and he’s promoted in a deliberate, effective way, that he could be very valuable.

“I think you’ll see as time goes on that because the money has gotten so much better – because of tv rights deals they’ve [the WWE] got a lot more capital to play with – they can afford to pay guys inflated salaries for less work. You’d need to ascertain what his commitment was for training, are you gonna take the business seriously and train as such so he’s protecting himself and his adversaries or is it just kind of a big joke? Does he have the look? Yeah. Is he athletic? Yeah. Those are obvious answers, but to get him trained and working hard and sore and see what his commitment is, you don’t know if he’s long-term or if he’s a one-off guy at Wrestlemania.”


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