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Jim Ross gives high praise to Vickie Guerrero and he explains why Shaul Guerrero did not make it in WWE



The latest episode of Grilling JR covers Vickie Guerrero's run with WWE. This episode happens to fall on her birthday so Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson started out by wishing her a happy birthday. Ross then put over how good of a person she is.

"Vickie Guerrero is bar none one of the very nicest people I've ever met on any walk of life," Ross said. "You thought I was gonna say in wrestling - any walk of life. She is a class lady who has endured and has gone through hell and has come out on the other side as whole and as happy as she can be."

While discussing her signing with WWE, Ross was surprised to see her hired because he didn't know that she had the inclination and desire to be an on-air performer. Vickie and Eddie's daughter, Shaul Guerrero, also tried to become a professional wrestler and she was in NXT a few years ago but never made it up to the main roster. Ross explained what he heard on why it did not work out for her.

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Ross said, "This is my view, this is me talking...she really had issues executing some of the basics physical things not out of lack of effort but it just wasn't natural. She didn't have the great aptitude to be an in-ring performer. Because of her father being one of the greatest of all time, he cast a massive shadow and I think she always felt she had to do some things like her dad did...I just never thought she was comfortable in the ring. I will say this, she's a beautiful young woman. I think she was just miscast, so to speak. She should have been an interviewer or a color analyst or a ring announcer or a studio host or something along those lines. Getting in the ring and taking those bumps just wasn't her thing. I'm really glad that she got that out of her head and moved on. I think it's gonna make her be healthier and happier in the long run."

The 29-year old was in WWE's Florida Championship Wrestling system from 2010 and continued training in NXT up until her release in 2014. After several years away from wrestling, she returned to be a ring announcer for Booker T's Reality of Wrestling in 2018.

The podcast focuses on Vickie's transition from being Eddie Guerrero's wife into being an on-screen character after his death and some stories and insight into her relationship with the company. JR and Conrad also talk about her role in the "I'm Your Papi" storyline when Eddie claimed to be the real father of Rey Mysterio's son Dominik. This is a great episode that everyone should listen to.

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