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Jim Ross is tired of seeing standard pro wrestling move

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Jim Ross is tired of seeing standard pro wrestling move

Let me be very clear here that we’re not trying to “expose the business” here but in a day and age when kayfabe is on life support, it can be pretty easy to understand why it’s okay to talk about things like this.

When a pro wrestler hits their opponent they usually don’t make much impact, but it usually sounds much different. The truth is most of the noise you hear during a strike, kick, or another such move is done by the other performer slapping their leg or arm when they’re making the connection.

Jim Ross is tired of this pro wrestling standard and he recently spoke out about it on The Ross Report, “these leg and arm slaps to make noise to simulate impact so your off-hand is slapping your thigh or whatever and we hear that noise. Man, when you pull the rabbit out of the hat time and time again the magic is starting to lose, it wanes. I think that’s gotta be done more strategically, more discreetly and right now across the board in the business, it’s overused without question.”

If you never noticed your favorite pro wrestlers slapping themselves during a match, you’re likely to pay a lot more attention now. Jim Ross knows what he’s talking about and gets to enjoy both WWE and NJPW as a profession so he sees a ton of pro wrestling, but when you think about it the alternative to slapping yourself is sometimes really kicking someone in the head and that’s never good either.  Let’s hope there can be some kind of happy medium in between overdoing the leg slaps and giving your opponent a concussion.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit The Ross Report with a H/T to for the transcription

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