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Jim Ross is undergoing skin cancer surgery today

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross noted on his latest podcast that he would be undergoing skin cancer surgery. This is a follow-up to his 2016 surgery.

“I’m getting a little cancer surgery on Thursday,” Ross said. “I’m having some more skin cancer removed from my shoulder. There’s just a little of it left, but you want to get all of it. I’m getting that cut out on Thursday.”

Ross is not slowing down because he will be on Celtics Radio with Sean Grande just hours after the surgery and he will be flying to Florida on Friday so he can be a part of the Chris Jericho Cruise.

Later in the show, Ross also talked about Roman Reigns’ leukemia diagnosis. Ross said WWE TV was overwhelmed by Reigns’ announcement on Monday night. He said, “Sometimes in our lives in wrestling, when we think we’ve seen everything, something comes along once or twice in a career, maybe once in a lifetime, that creates an event or a moment that can’t be replicated with auditions and scrips and rehearsals and walkthroughs.”

Ross continued, “The fact that WWE allowed Roman to come to the ring and make this announcement in his own words, and I assure you, they were in his own words, I thought was very admirable.”

Ross added, “When a guy can walk out there without a script and speak from his heart about something so serious as leukemia. I didn’t know Roman had been suffering from that illness. He’s been battling it for 11  years. We all have been touched by cancer. It’s a badass piece of business, man.” Ross urged fans to find ways to help by donating to their favorite charity or become a volunteer.

“All we can really do is hope and pray in our own way…and send positive thoughts to a brave young husband and father.”

Ross believes Reigns will beat leukemia. I think everyone agrees with that sentiment.

Click here to listen to the latest Jim Ross Report.


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