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Jim Ross: Mickie James is a WWE Hall Of Famer and they are lucky to have her

The latest episode of “Grilling JR” with Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson covers the 2009 TLC pay-per-view and all of the big news that was happening around the time of that show.

This episode touched on many topics including Mickie James foray into country music. Thompson asked JR for his thoughts on why Vince McMahon didn’t put more effort into promoting her country music career.

Ross said, “I’m assuming and only an assumption that she did not flip the switch like some of the other divas did. There were some issues about her that she allegedly needed to lose weight and all of these things.” Ross continued, “I want to tell you something, there’s a few unsung heroes of the divas that we signed that don’t get the credit that they deserve. That would include Mickie James by far. She’s a Hall Of Famer, she’s a hell of a hand. The reason you keep Mickie James types around is because they can have great matches or the best matches than some of your green women cannot have working with each other.”

Ross compared James to Jacqueline. Ross said, “Jackie Moore is as good as anybody we have ever signed. Nobody was any better than Jackie Moore in the ring. For all the great success that a Lita and a Trish had … you’ve gotta look back and say atta girl Mickie James, atta girl Jackie Moore, atta girl Ivory. There were several of those women that didn’t get the accolades that they probably should have deserved. I’m just thinking that Mickie probably wasn’t Vince’s cup of tea maybe. I thought she was phenomenal and I still do. They are lucky they have her. She’s still singing. She’s got a beautiful singing voice, she’s got a beautiful son. Her husband is the NWA Champion. I got a lot of time for Mickie James and her family and I just think that she’s a classic. She’s definitely a Hall Of Famer. She’s one of the few people that if they get inducted into the Hall Of Fame that I would venture back into those waters to go see her get inducted. I have so much love and respect for Mickie because of what she’s gone through and battled through. The little country girl that could and she was just trying to live her dreams. Anybody that can’t appreciate others trying to live their dreams can kiss my ass. My dimpled fat Oklahoma ass, kiss it.”

This episode also covers Sheamus getting his first shot at John Cena’s WWE Championship, the death of Umaga, the end of WWE’s version of ECW, Bret Hart getting ready to return to the company, TNA’s foray into Monday night’s to try to compete against Monday Night Raw, and much more.

You can listen to JR’s podcast at or via your favorite podcasting app.

Here is Mickie James’ “I Don’t Give A” music video that was released earlier this year.


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