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Jim Ross on Cody Rhodes being upset with Dusty Rhodes bear segment, Nia Jax, Braun Strowman



WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts on various topics. During the blog, Ross commented on Cody Rhodes being upset by a skit on Monday’s episode of RAW. In case you missed it, WWE did a backstage segment featuring Bayley giving Goldust a polka-dot bear in honor of late great “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. You can watch the segment by clicking here. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appeared and before the segment ended, they ripped the head off the bear. “For any of us to judge this is unwise because Dusty Rhodes was not our father plus many don't know that the polka dots were not something of which Dream liked being reminded.” Ross added that at the end of the day, most fans would forget about the skit.

Ross brought up the booking of Braun Strowman. “WWE is onto something positive with the deliberate build for Strowman. He's an athletic big man who has the 'other gear' which is invaluable but Braun cannot be put into situations where he has to go into full, sell mode over any extended length of time.” He added that Strowman selling all moves from his opponents on TV at this time is not wise until he evolves at selling his skill set a bit more.

Ross believes that Nia Jax is getting the Strowman treatment as well by WWE. In his words, it’s the same tried and true method smart promoters has done over the years to utilized to get larger than normal talents established or over in pro wrestling.

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