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Jim Ross on Hulk Hogan talking about a comeback: ‘Let it go and keep your a** off Twitter’

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on Hulk Hogan’s appearance on Good Morning America during Tuesday’s episode of his podcast.

“I thought Hulk showed up well on ABC (Good Morning America). The only thing I can tell him is that brother to brother, just let her go. Back away from Twitter for a while, right now is not the time to hype a comeback.

As much as folks want to see Hulk in one more match, you know come on, every fan wants to see one more great in one more match. Who the hell do you know who doesn’t want to see one more great in one more match. You don’t think fans want to see Steve Austin or The Rock or Edge or Ric Flair at 65 in one more match. Why not? If I was Hulk, I would let this thing lay low, I would lay low and I would do good things, good works, off the record.

To resurrect your image and feel good to do it. Donate to charity, don’t do it to make good headlines. Do it because you want to. That creates good karma and if you do or do not believe in good karma, good karma goes around and comes around. That’s how I would address that, I would keep my ass off Twitter, I wouldn’t sure as hell be hyping a comeback. I would go on a diet, get in better shape and have one more match brother. Not now, please.

Someone needs to get Hulk some better advice. Just lay out man, just lay out brother and let things get back to normal. We know you’re not a racist, but every time you bring it up, you bring it up. So let it go.”

You can listen to the entire podcast here:


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