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On this week's "Grilling JR," Eric Bischoff said he still thinks Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon have a love/hate relationship. Bischoff asked Ross what his thoughts were on this subject, including when Hogan got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

“Vince kept trying to recreate the dynamic that Vince had with Hogan, hence all the saw second chances, next starts and Hall of Fame. Here’s another reason we can bring him back, etc, etc. Vince kept trying to recreate that idyllic relationship they once had," JR said.

"They were not willing to say, ‘We can never have it the way we used to, but we can have it better than we have it now if we both try.’ That was always where the jury was out. Is this going to work out? Are we going to get to where we want to be? Is somebody in this equation willing to compromise something? That was what the issue was, compromise, because when you get to compromising and you change things, the talents say, ‘Well the compromise is making me weak’, but you have to give it a chance."

"If the glass is always half empty, it’s always going to be half empty, so you have to look at it differently." 

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"I felt bad for Vince at times because he really wanted the relationship to get back on somewhat of an even-keel. It may not be what it used to be, but he wanted to make it better than what it is, and I’m not sure we accomplished that.”

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