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Jim Ross on Justin Roberts release from WWE, last night’s Raw, and more

Jim Ross has a new blog up on Here are some excerpts.

Shocked to hear of the release of WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts. I admit that I have no information as to why but Justin was always a professional, polite young man who loved his WWE job and did a great job ring announcing. No one will ever top The Fink but Justin carried himself well, had a great appearance, and seemed reliable. I treat people as they treat me and Justin Roberts always treated me respectfully and as a true professional. I’d guess that the Phoenix native won’t have any issues finding work. I wish Justin the best.

Ross on the WWE Network:

With the WWE Network how easy would it be for WWE Superstars and announcers to organically mention what they’ve watched recently on the WWE Network via Twitter, etc. It would cost nothing and would be a valid testimonial from the WWE stars themselves. Somehow I get the feeling that some on air talents don’t watch as much of the Network as many of us civilians.

On NXT wrestlers being called up soon:

Word on the street that WWE may be calling up some NXT talents soon. I hope that there are plans in place to properly introduce them as main event level talents and then a game plan to build them for the next 6 months perhaps leading to something at WM31.

Charlotte is certainly ready for prime time and her presence may help lend more credibility to the Divas group than merely being a promotional vehicle for Total Divas on the E Network.

Ross noted that he’s working on a Hell in the Cell feature for Fox Sports and will be talking with Mick Foley today. He also talks about how annoying the commercial breaks during matches are, Dean Ambrose, Raw thoughts, and much more. Click here to check out the latest blog.


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