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Jim Ross on Owen Hart mention on Nancy Grace's show

Jim Ross has a new blog up on and commented about the coverage from Nancy Grace on the passing of The Ultimate Warrior. As noted, fans have taken issue with the implication that Owen Hart died from drug use. Here are highlights from Ross' blog.

The polarizing Nancy Grace of HLN really was made to look ill informed and poorly prepared by her staff Wednesday night on her report of the death of the Ultimate Warrior. So much erroneous info was reported as fact that I actually felt bad for her. I'd like to believe that Ms Grace is not a mean person but she let down by her producers and research people notwithstanding those who wrote her script for her teleprompter.

For Ms Grace to implicate Owen Hart into any drug or steroid scandal is egregious and appalling.

He also discusses Colin Cowherd's coverage of Warrior and pro wrestling in general.

Same goes for Colin Cowherd of ESPN who has had the basic same stance on pro wrestling since he became a shock jock-like TV character on ESPN. Cowherd plays the role of a broadcasting antagonist on television, IE a heel, and he can't be positive about 'rasslin' or show compassion for a dead man's family as it would apparently adversely affect his show biz persona.

Cowherd is a talented guy and likely a decent man but his pro wresting bias act is getting old and stale and comparing today's product to the tragedies of a decade or two ago isn't good journalism and make Cowherd look like he's grasping for ratings with heat seeking remarks.

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There's more on JR's blog that is not posted here so check out JR's blog for the rest. You can read the entire column by clicking here.