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Jim Ross on the Emma news being overblown, Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, his book, and more

Jim Ross has a new blog up on Here are some highlights:

On his autobiography:

We will officially start on my autobiography this month even though we have no book deal in place. I wanted to write a book that I felt was honest and a true representation of my career and not what some non, wrestling fan book agent stereotyped me into writing or how another entity wanted to edit it. The desire for salacious “dirt” from these people is uncanny. I expect the book to be finished by 2015 and then we will shop it around. There are plenty of suitors out there I can assure you. Bottom line is that I’m going to have the final say on the edit…for better or for worse

On Ronda Rousey and a potential WrestleMania 31 appearance:

Yes, I’d love to see Ronda Rousey make an appearance at WM31 even though I know it’s a long shot at very best. Ronda could be in someone’s corner, a ref, or even compete with a female talent like Natalya or AJ Lee, for example, but please no intergender matches which anyone with a modicum of common sense can’t and won’t take seriously. Rousey is the hottest star today in UFC and is going to make a big splash in the film business sooner than later with multiple films in the can.

On the Emma news last week:

Does any one else feel that this unfortunate incident with Emma has been blown somewhat out of proportion? Not condoning it but it’s not exactly like she committed a felony. Should she be punished? Of course, but is it a headline making story on the IWC? Not in my opinion. Emma has received a valuable second chance that she should do all that she can to make the most of.

I agree with JR on the Emma situation about it being overblown. However, I don’t feel she should be punished at all by the company since it was an honest mistake and the charges will be dropped once she completes a few hours of community service. As we noted, people in the company believed her story (as did I) so it should be water under the bridge. Ross also talks about Tough Enough being postponed, upcoming guests on his podcast, thoughts on UFC 175, and much more. Don’t forget that you can check out JR’s products on Check out his full blog by clicking here.


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