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Jim Ross on why Crush never became a top guy, The Undertaker and Randy Savage's influence on his career



On this week's episode of "Grilling JR," Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson cover the career of Brian Adams, better known to most wrestling fans as Crush.

JR talks about Adams' WWF debut as part of Demolition along with Ax and Smash, his transition into Kona Krush in 1992, feuds with Doink and Randy Savage, his friendship with Savage and The Undertaker, his involvement with The Nation of Domination and DOA, his move to WCW, his brief return to WWE as part of Kronik and his tragic death in 2007.

Here are some highlights:

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Jim Ross discussed Bryan Adams’ career and mentions how influential The Undertaker and Randy Savage were to Adam’s push: “The thing about Crush. He kept getting these opportunities because back in the locker room area, behind the curtain, he was one of the most popular guys on the roster. He was jovial. He was engaging. He had a great smile. He was a good guy in that regard. He had great allies within the company. There were influential talents that, I don’t want to say manipulate Vince, but could identify with Crush and they could sell Crush to Vince. He will get there, he has potential, and he did. Those are good arguments. He did have potential. I don’t know that he ever lived up to his potential but nonetheless, he was a very popular guy that kept getting opportunities because of his friendship with Randy Savage and The Undertaker, two very powerful individuals behind the scenes.”

Ross talked about Crush working with Randy Savage: “Savage was one of the ones that was solidly in the corner of Crush. That helped Crush extend the opportunities. Again, if he looked like an ordinary athlete, an ordinary pro wrestler, he probably would have been unbooked already. But, because of his look and the potential of what we thought he could do, he kept getting chances. When you get the endorsement of a guy like Randy Savage who had Vince’s ear and had a lot of influence there, that helps your cause. That’s a good rub and endorsement. Crush benefited from that, without a doubt.”

Ross on Crush coming back in 1995 Royal Rumble after some time off because Undertaker had pushed for it: “If Mark was trying to get Crush back, it shows you that Mark Calloway has great character and integrity for trying to help a friend on more than one occasion. Again, Mark Calloway saw the same thing many of us saw in Bryan Adams, unlimited potential. Potential doesn’t buy the groceries. I admire Mark Calloway’s loyalty. I always have. He is a man of integrity. He wanted to help a friend. There is nothing wrong with trying to help a friend. But, at some point, you got to fish or cut bait. At some point, the realization was, hey, we have done all we can do. He just doesn’t seem to be motivated to get to that next level in the way we perceive he has the ability to do. Taker and Savage were the campaign managers for Crush and they did all they could to get him “elected” but the people didn’t vote for it. The fans didn’t vote for it. They saw something that should be great because of his size, his ability, quick feet, etc, but they weren’t buying it.”

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