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Jim Ross on WWE bringing back War Games, possible off-season in wrestling, Kevin Owens

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on his website ( Here are the highlights.

On WWE bringing back War Games: Never say never as it’s a good concept and might make for a terrific, WWE Network TV special. It’s not an original WWE creation which some feel affects War Games chances of returning. I lean to yes we will see it some day.

On a possible off-season in WWE: For WWE and other promotions who have commitments to provide weekly programming for their TV partners I’d say no to an offseason. I do advocate that all talents are provided organized off weeks through the year up to providing talents a few months sabbatical if all parties agree to it. Some talents will require less off time than others.

On Kevin Owens: Kevin Owens is a breath of fresh air in WWE as he is a talent who has no issue being a legit heel and working to acquire heat and not working merely for pops. He’s anti-establishment for sure which means he has to be somewhat careful that he doesn’t inadvertently turn himself face before it is time to do so. He’s one of my favorite talents currently in the business.

On Adam Cole: I like Adam Cole’s game a great deal and feel he has the ability to be a star with any company which he’s a part.

For those that missed it, Ross has former WWE star JTG on as this week’s guest on The Ross Report. You can subscribe to his podcast via iTunes. Click below to listen to the latest podcast.


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