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Jim Ross recalls being humiliated by Vince McMahon when he was fired during WWE Raw in 2005

This week on “Grilling JR” with Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson, they cover the October 10, 2005 edition of Monday Night Raw.

This show featured Doink The Clown, Carlito, Edge and Kurt Angle vs. John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Big Show and the ending of the show featured Jim Ross getting humiliated and fired.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

Jim Ross said he felt some of his humiliating skits in WWE was personal, including the 10/10/05 edition of RAW: “I always felt like at times it was personal.  It was more than just creative. Wrestlers have this thing and so do promoters where it is ribbing on the square.  They can treat you like sh*t creatively and then say, hey, it’s just for the show.  I always felt that was the wrong motivation.  This was one of those nights where I felt like it was very personal and he wanted to send a message to me for whatever reason, and he did, and I executed it.  The coach called the play and I ran it.”

Ross questioned why they wanted to get rid of him and hire Mike Goldberg in 2005 and commented on the closing skit on this show: “Remember when I came out of intensive care from my colon surgery and had 13 inches of my colon removed that had rotted and I was dying and had 30 days to live.  When I got out of intensive care on a Monday and I came home, that’s when I closed the show again with Dr. Hiney where he pulled my head out of my ass.  Again, with no explanation.  No rationale.  It’s just what he wanted to do.  That’s why I felt like even though I did what I was instructed to do, I always felt like there was a little bit of personal animosity there and I think part of it was because I wanted to move back to Oklahoma.  I was sick and I didn’t tell Vince how sick I was.  When we got back to Oklahoma and I got examined, the doctor said we are getting you to the hospital today.  I was in bad shape and didn’t even know it.  I knew I was having these horrible stomach aches.  That was the second time a skit with JR closed the show.  I think I closed the show a few other times because the fans gave a sh*t.  They cared about me and I still love them for it and they still care about me.  That’s why I’m so happy to be part of this team in AEW because Tony Khan doesn’t have that mindset.  He respects my work.  I think Vince at some point didn’t respect my work and wanted to make a change.  He could have made a change argumentatively by saying we are going to get a younger new face with a new start.  We were going back to the USA Network.  That’s where my angst was.  Was it really business or was it some personal seasoning factored into that?  I’m of the belief that there was some personal animosity involved in it and never knowing why.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Grilling JR with a h/t to for the transcription


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