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Jim Ross says he felt unwelcome at WWE WrestleMania 27, Jerry Lawler deserved more than a gimmick match with Michael Cole

On the latest episode of “Grilling JR” on, Jim Ross talked about WrestleMania 27, which took place at the Georgia Dome on April 3, 2011.

Ross described his WrestleMania 27 experience:

“I was only booked to do some duty at WrestleMania because that was for Cole and Lawler because they had their epic match. I use that tongue and cheek-wise. I always thought Lawler deserved more than a gimmick match with an announcer. That’s what he got. He seemed to be happy with it, but what choice did he have but to be happy with it because that’s what you’re booked to do? 

So, I was called in because I was already being phased out. Then I had to stay an extra day because Michael Cole had to quote unquote get his heat back.  I remember him squirting me in the face with the barbeque sauce. Of course, nobody told him don’t squirt it in my eyes, and of course, he did. I couldn’t see s**t. It was burning and I was temporarily blinded like an old heel spot at a spot show. I couldn’t see. It also ruined my thousand dollar hat, which they paid for. 

But, it was a unique weekend to say the very least. I probably have never been as feeling unwelcome like I’m at the wrong place at the wrong time than I did over that show. I had no joy from working at WrestleMania 27. None. I didn’t phone s**t in. I worked hard based on what I had to work with, but it’s hard to make a Lawler and Cole a Funk/Brisco classic. It isn’t going to happen, so you have to take that into consideration on how you call it. It was an interesting weekend.”  

Ross and Conrad Thompson also talked about The Rock’s return after a 7-year absence, The Miz vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship, The Undertaker vs. Triple H in a No Holds Barred Match, CM Punk vs. Randy Orton, Snooki’s in-ring debut, and more.

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