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Jim Ross says it’s “ludicrous” for Jeff Jarrett to think he was on the same level as Steve Austin

The latest episode of “Grilling JR” with Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson covers the WWE Unforgiven 2000 and all of the wrestling news that was happening around that time.

JR and Conrad talk about the Fatal Four-Way main event for the WWE Championship between The Rock, Chris Benoit, The Undertaker and Kane. They also cover Triple H vs. Kurt Angle in a No DQ match, The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian in a Steel Cage match, Eddie Guerrero vs. Rikishi for the IC Title and more.

Jim Ross talked about Jeff Jarrett leaving WWE in 2000: “It was an ego thing in my view. I disagree with Jeff that he would have stayed if he got a fair offer. Well, he got a fair offer. The downside guarantee was a number that you have if you didn’t expect to out earn your guarantee. In that era, just about everybody that I can think of out-earned their guarantee. If you’re booked regularly and you are being used and you are doing your job, you far outgained your downside guarantee. That goes for guys like Jericho, Mysterio and even Austin. Austin had a downside guarantee of a million dollars. There were a handful of those guys that had million-dollar deals. He didn’t take his weekly checks. He took what he was earning as he went and I know one year he (Austin) made $13 million. I think Jeff had his mind made up with Russo going to WCW, the fact that Russo was going to be in charge of creative, and the fact that Jeff and Vince (Russo) had a good rapport, that he had a better chance of being used higher up on the card. Was he going to make more money based on his guarantee in WCW vs what he would have made staying in WWE? Probably not. That’s my take on it. But he had a very high opinion of himself. He thought he was a better worker than what he was being paid for. That’s cool. That’s his prerogative. I didn’t agree with it. More importantly, of course, it’s all J.R. because nobody wants to confront Vince (McMahon). He didn’t want to burn a bridge in case he wanted to come back, and by the way, look at where he is. So Vince established that number. He said here is what I’m going to pay him. Get the deal done if you can, but this is where we are. For Jeff Jarrett to compare himself to being on the same level as Steve Austin is somewhat ludicrous in my opinion.”

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