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Jim Ross says Vince McMahon stepped up when Jan Ross passed away

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross took some questions from fans this week on an “Ask JR Anything” edition of “Grilling JR.”

Despite the assumptions of some people, Ross said that he is still friends with Vince McMahon and they still keep in touch via text messages. Ross also siad that McMahon was one of the people who stepped up with Jan Ross passed away.

Here is what Ross said about his relationship with Vince McMahon:

“It’s professional. It’s polite. We’re civil. We’re friends. You can’t work for somebody for 26 years and have the experiences together that Vince and I had without having something more than just the wrestling business tying us together. We did not have a one-dimensional friendship.  The tragedies of Jan getting killed, my wife, people step up. That’s when you find out who’s who. Vince stepped up. A lot of my friends stepped up. So I consider Vince a friend. We will always have philosophical differences, but what the hell does that mean? Is that an indictment? Should I feel bad that he and I don’t agree on everything?…Vince and I get along. We text, special occasions, something happens, unfortunately, somebody’s passing. He always returns my text messages. He sent me a text message the other day and we were just chatting…Our relationship is a lot more personal, which is nobody’s business but mine and Vince’s, than it is business wise. We don’t discuss business, ever, ever, whatsoever. That’s kind of where we are there with that. I’m proud to have him as a friend. He made me a lot of money. He always was loving and respectful to my late wife. He made our lives better and I don’t forget sh*t like that.”

Ross was asked what championship belt was his favorite:

“The old NWA Title belt is the one I like a lot because it wasn’t so gaudy.  The big gold belt didn’t do anything for me.  I would say the old NWA Title belt, the one that guys like Jack Brisco held, and Harley, and those dudes.  It seemed to be more classy.  It didn’t look like a cheap piece of jewelry.  To me, it was real.  That’s part of my problem probably.  It was real and some of those other belts are like costume jewelry to me…I don’t want the belts to stand out because they are big and gaudy.  I want them to stand out for what it represents.”

Ross also talked about New Japan Pro Wrestling, WrestleMania 37 tickets, Big E’s current run, pre-game rituals, foreign talent relations, Jim Barnett, and much more. You can listen to the podcast now at

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