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Jim Ross shares crazy car ride story about Vince McMahon passing gas and driving through cones



Jim Ross is the guest this week on Chris Jericho's "Talk Is Jericho" podcast to talk about his new book, "Under the Black Hat: My Life in the WWE and Beyond."

The book is a tribute to his late wife Jan and it also has tons of behind-the-scenes stories on his time with WWE starting with the late 90s.

Ross discussed how tough it was to write the book because he had to relive what happened to his wife and it was tougher to do the audio version of the book. He said it was extremely important to be honest and fair without sugarcoating anything. The book is not meant as a hatchet job on WWE and Vince McMahon but he doesn't back away from some of the things that he went through, both good and bad.

Jericho told a story about the time Vince McMahon wanted him to walk out in the arena with no clothes on. Jericho said, "I remember that one week [when] The Dudley Boyz stole Christian and I's clothes from the locker room and then we go out to the ring in towels and then Spike Dudley comes up and pulls our towels off and we're naked. This is Michael Hayes telling me this and I'm like 'how are we going to be naked?' He goes, 'you're really going to be naked.' I'm like, 'what? The f*ck I am, there's no way!' Then Vince comes in and says, 'hey pal, I heard you've got an issue.'"

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Jericho says he responded to Vince by asking him how could he be naked with kids in the audience. Jericho remembered Vince's response: "He goes, 'well, you're gonna be naked.'" Jericho said that Bubba Ray Dudley was supposed to throw the contents out of his bag and lingerie was going to be in the bag. Jericho said Vince was disappointed in him for not being on board with the idea.

Ross recounted a story from a time he had a car trip with McMahon. He said, "One time we were driving from Colombus, Ohio to someplace...Watts, Bruce Prichard and Pat Patterson were in the car behind us, leaving me with Vince. Vince, of course, would not allow anybody else to drive but him, which is cool. I don't mind riding shotgun. What he does is he locks all of the windows and he starts farting methane. I said, 'this sh*t is going to ruin my clothes.' That's how bad this is. He had so much fun doing it. That's the same night they had the one lane closed on the interstate and had all these big barrels...He was running the cones [and] we got stopped by state police."

Ross said Vince introduced himself to the police officer and the officer wrote him a ticket and Vince just tossed the ticket in the backseat because he knew someone would take care of it for him.

"Under The Black Hat" is an excellent book that I would recommend to any wrestling or non-wrestling fan. JR is selling personalized autographed copies of his book on his website. You can click here to get your copy.

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