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Jim Ross shoots down Steve Austin rumors, says he knew for weeks that Austin would not be in San Jose

Jim Ross shot down rumors that Steve Austin was booked for WrestleMania. Reports from PWInsider said that Austin was supposed to be involved somehow at WrestleMania weekend and people in WWE were surprised because he did not board the plane to San Jose. As noted before, Austin said on his podcast that these reports are false and he was never booked for anything and the only reason why he’s not doing Tough Enough is because he’s scheduled to do another season of “Broken Skull Challenge” for CMT.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer newsletter that Austin would never fly out to San Jose to just hang around unless they had something for him at WrestleMania. Meltzer noted that while there were talks going on at one point, there was never anything agreed to for Austin at WrestleMania and Austin was never part of any creative talks for the show. Meltzer also noted that people very close to the situation told him that Austin was never scheduled to fly to San Jose and people close to the situation were saying this a week before the Austin rumors started. Austin was never told by the company that anything was wrong and has said publicly on his podcast that there is no heat between himself and the company.

JR said the following in his recent blog:

Even though many outsiders wanted to believe the story that Steve Austin was scheduled to be at M31 in San Jose, I knew for weeks prior to the event that he was not booked. If he had been booked we would have done my RINGSIDE show together. He was in South Texas at that time working on his ranch doing some time sensitive projects that he has been postponing for weeks due to his CMT production schedule.  The rumor that Austin was to be on the same flight at Undertaker also made zero sense as Austin would have flown out of San Antonio while Taker lives in the Austin area.

Meltzer did note that he had heard that Vince McMahon was unhappy with the interview Austin did with Triple H but multiple sources confirmed that it had nothing to do with the Chyna questions.



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