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Jim Ross talks about the Jimmy Snuka situation and Hulk Hogan wanting another match in WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts on the Jimmy Snuka incident, John Laurinaitis marrying the Bella Twins mother, and Hulk Hogan wanting another match in WWE. Here are the highlights.

On the Jimmy Snuka incident:

The Jimmy Snuka alleged murder of his former lady friend three decades ago is going to continue to garner ample publicity. WWE has separated themselves from the Hall of Famer which is really the only thing that they could do in this instance. Jimmy is 72, has stomach cancer and is allegedly battling dementia which may equate to a very unique trial and legal process before all is said and done. I’d assume he will also have to have a public defender as his attorney as the State attempts to prove that Snuka his lady friend decades ago. I could see Snuka declared unfit to stand trial which would outrage many who have a vested interest in the case and subsequent trial that is if it actually goes to trial.

On John Laurinaitis marrying the Bella Twins mother:

Congrats to John Laurinaitis on his engagement to the Mom of the Bella Twins. Holiday meals will be fun. I wish them the best as she is a lovely lady and a really nice person. John was my successor in WWE after I hired him when WCW went belly up.

On Hulk Hogan wanting another match in WWE:

If I was advising Hulk Hogan I’d suggest him to lay low and let things settle down. He does deserve forgiveness, as we all do, if he’s sincere and I want to believe that Hulk is sincere but trying to promote himself to have “one more match” is not advisable. Just my two cents.

You can read the entire interview here.


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