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Jim Ross talks about WWE suspending Adam Rose and Steve Lombardi’s WWE release



WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts on WWE suspending Adam Rose and more. Here are the highlights.

On WWE suspending Adam Rose:

Sad to hear of Adam Rose aka Ray Leppan being arrested for a domestic disturbance which comes on the heels of his second wellness policy violation. One can only image the level of stress that this man was/is enduring which absolutely gives him NO free pass to commit domestic battery against his wife. Curious to know what Adam Rose's Plan B is as every wrestler should have a viable, Plan B especially when they get north of their 30th birthday. How does this relate to this incident?

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When performers have no plan B, they often find themselves in a state of helplessness. For example, what do I do to stay in America, for instance, as in South African Leppan's situation? What can I now do to provide for my family? How do I properly raise my children and be the husband to my wife that I should be? How do I regain my self-esteem? To eliminate the feeling of hopelessness from a talent's mind set is a primary reason for having a marketable, Plan B for all sports entertainers. The job does not last forever nor does the money that the job creates. If all those entering the wrestling business understands that fact going in then the product, the performers and all that they touch will be better served.

Ray Leppan is not a bad person but he's seemingly in a bad place that merits our positive thoughts. Ray has a special needs son which in itself should encourage wise decision by the head of the household, but that hasn't been the case recently. My sincere wish is for the Leppan family to learn from this situation, move on positively and to galvanize with one another. This isn't about one's pro wrestling career, but instead, it's about the head of the household making good decisions and caring for his family. Ray being suspended indefinitely by WWE was expected after teh domestic battery arrest. WWE did what they had to do without question.

On WWE releasing Steve Lombardi:

Surprised to hear of Steve Lombardi aka The Brooklyn Brawler and WWE no longer doing business together after a 30+ year professional relationship. Brawler was always great to work with while I was in WWE and I hope that he lands on his feet at the tender, young age of 55. Steve has likely got a helluva WWE related book in him if he choose to write one as he was in the company through it all. When I contacted Brawler, he was in good spirits, and he was positive which was refreshing.

Ross also talked about Monday’s episode of RAW, The Ross Report and more. We recommend that you check out the entire blog, which you can read here.