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Jim Ross Talks Relationship With Vince McMahon

AEW commentator and co-host of the Grilling JR podcast Jim Ross recently discussed his relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Ross was detailing a section of his new book containing details about WWE’s owner, debunking some of the preconceived notions that fans may have.

JR and McMahon have of course had some run-ins in the past. WWE programming has broadcast skits that were tasteless and attacking Ross’ various bouts of Bell’s Palsy and other health issues. Despite this, JR appears to still have a respect for the WWE Chairman.

“There’s not a hate thing with Vince whatsoever” JR began. “We just had both good, strong and passionate views on aspects of the business that we personally believed in. That clashed at times.”

JR would also make an interesting claim regarding the influential personalities surrounding the WWE Chairman. “And then he was influenced by those that, you know…he’s easy to to lead the wrong way.” Whilst Jim Ross did not make it clear who these names were it does leave the door open for some interesting dialogue going forward.

Jim Ross would elaborate further, saying “he [Vince] can take a wrong turn in the road. I think he did with me a couple times and I think I did with him a couple of times as well. So this book [Under The Black Hat] is going to be unique. On March 31st it’s gonna be in the bookstores.”

Under The Black Hat, is available now for pre-order from Simon & Schuster and Amazon.

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