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Jim Ross thinks a brand split in WWE would be beneficial

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A portion on his website where he gives his thoughts on WWE bringing back the brand split and possibly calling The Undertaker’s last match. Here are the highlights.

On WWE bringing back the brand split:

I've said it many times but if the brand split was truly a split and no cross booking occurred then it would be tough over the short term but would be a benefit in the long haul. I don't look for it to happen.

On possibly calling The Undertaker’s last match:

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I'd selfishly love to call Taker's last one whenever that may be but I am not counting on getting the nod.

On WWE not promoting Main Event, Superstars, and other programs on the WWE Network:

All the shows that you mentioned would mean more if they has some sign of life on Raw and Smackdown as in a succinct promo or highlight.