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Jimmy Korderas thinks WWE should produce a show about their referees on the WWE Network

Former WWE Referee Jimmy Korderas recently appeared on WrestleZone Radio to discuss Brock Lesnar bleeding at the HIAC PPV and if WWE should produce a referees only show on the WWE Network. Here are the highlights.

On if WWE will produce a referee show on the WWE Network:

That’s not a bad idea. Especially when you’ve got guys that have been there for a long time. Like Mike Chioda, Charles Robinson, Chad Patton, John Cone… guys who have been there for awhile. It might be interesting to get a different perspective. Even the young guys coming up from NXT. Maybe it’s a cool little thing. I know that some of the guys down at the performance center like Drake Wuertz and those guys have got some interesting stories to tell. That would be interesting. Not a bad idea.

On if he thinks Brock Lesnar got in trouble for bleeding at the Hell in a Cell PPV:

The WWE right now has a very strict “no blood policy.” I know that some people may not believe that it’s that strict but it is really, really strict. Vince McMahon especially is very dead set against having any blood in the matches. Especially when you are acquiring the blood through traditional methods. Let’s just leave it at that. The reports of him (Vince) being livid? Yeah, I can see it. I can believe it. Along with the no blood policy they also have… it all lends to their Wellness Policy. It’s all tied together. I know that some people have their doubts about the validity of the Wellness Program and stuff like that. I’ll tell ya man, they are  100% strict about “no blood” and all the other policies they have in place.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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