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Jimmy Smith believes WWE wanted to get ahead of Sasha Banks-Naomi narrative



On the latest "Unlocking The Cage" podcast, WWE Raw announcer Jimmy Smith gave his reason why WWE announced the suspension of Sasha Banks and Naomi to the WWE audience so quickly after they walked out:

"The rumor I have heard is that in the days of social media, the performers themselves can spin their own narrative. Nowadays, if the Ultimate Warrior got cut, and people know the story at SummerSlam that he ran to the back and was immediately fired by Vince McMahon because he made all his demands, but, Ultimate Warrior would have picked up his phone and recorded something on Instagram and said 'F' Vince McMahon, whatever. The superstars themselves are able to get their own story out and get their own narrative out in the public in ways they couldn't 20, 10, or 15 years ago. So what it feels like the WWE is doing, and I don't know, they haven't discussed it with me, is they're getting ahead of the ability of Sasha Banks and Naomi to put out their own narrative. If you don't say why, they'll say why. The WWE wants their perspective out there. They're going to go out and say something, so WWE wanted to get ahead of it and did it first. That's what it seems like to me."

On people getting mad at Corey Graves for reading what he was told to read on air about Sasha Banks and Naomi:

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“What I don't get at all is the heat that my broadcast partner, Corey Graves, is getting. They gave him something to read and much like Michael Cole, he toned it down a little bit. But guys, Michael Cole and Corey Graves aren't making this stuff up. People are getting mad at them like they're freestyling this stuff. They're not. If Vince said, 'Here, read this', I would have done exactly what Michael Cole did. Corey Graves is getting all this shit. Corey Graves didn't make up that statement. He's a broadcaster and was told to read it and he read it. So I understand the ire of the fans, but the misdirection of that ire is weird.

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