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Jimmy Wang Yang says Vince McMahon makes time to talk to talent

jimmy wang yang

During an appearance on the "Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling" podcast, Jimmy Wang Yang talked about his daughter Jazzy joining the wrestling business, and shared his thoughts on Vince McMahon.

Jimmy Wang Yang said he fully supports his daughter Jazzy joining the wrestling business:

"She's already so much better than me at that age. This is actually the funnest time I've ever had in wrestling. Teaming with my daughter, it's just an unbelievable experience. I'm just having so much fun being with Jazzy, you know, teaming with her, coaching her, traveling with her and everything. It is the funnest time I've had in wrestling."

"I just want her to be happy," Yang said.

"So you know, it doesn't matter what she did. If she was working at Chick-Fil-A for the last three years, if that satisfied her needs, I was fine with it. But she has that crazy story about debuting in Japan at 15. After that, she told me, 'Hey, Dad, I want to be a wrestler.' At first I was like, 'Oh, crap.'"

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"But, you know, I tell everybody that wrestling let me do a lot of things. I've been around the world 20 times. I've been to Japan 50 times. The greatest time of my life is doing professional wrestling. Why would I not want that for my daughter?"

Yang said Vince McMahon does make time to talk to the talent:

"If you need to go talk to Vince, he will make that minute for you to open his door and listen to you," Jimmy said.

"He will give you that time to talk to him. But, he is that billionaire that has everything on his plate, but he does take that time. You know, it might not be a lot of time. But he will give you that minute during the day, and when you have that minute, hopefully you can get out what you want to tell him."

"Vince is the greatest businessman I've ever met in my life. I know he has so much stuff going on, you but if you want a minute with Vince McMahon, you can go have a minute Vince McMahon."

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