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Jinder Mahal on wellness speculation: “I’ve been tested plenty, and never failed one”’s Matt Wilansky has an interview up with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Whether you are a fan of him or not, you have to give the guy credit for putting in the hard work since he returned to the company several months ago. With that being said, his body transformation is something that people continue to talk about and the questions about how he achieved his physique in such a short period of time will still be there. In fact, Ryback gave his honest thoughts on Mahal’s physique on a recent podcast (click here and scroll down to listen to his comments on Mahal).

Mahal said that his release during his first stint with WWE was actually the best thing to happen to him. He lost his motivation and he tried a side job in between wrestling bookings. He said, “I was selling real estate on the side, and thought that if it doesn’t work out, I could just do that if I want to.” Now he works out six times per week while continuing to work on his craft in the ring. In regards to the speculation about how he was able to look like he does, he said, “I’ve been tested plenty, and never failed one.”

He noted that it was about a month ago that the creative team told him that they were going to give him an opportunity and Vince McMahon expressed confidence in him. He said, “He had confidence in me. He knew I would embrace the opportunity, and not let WWE down. I think I have been proving that in my matches ever since.” As we noted before, Mahal was going into Backlash not knowing that he was going to win the WWE title. In fact, he did an interview last week and said that he found out on the day of the show.

It’s a good interview. Mahal also talks about growing up in Calgary, Canada, his early years in the wrestling business, his run with 3MB and more. Click here to read the interview.


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